Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for attendees who book onto Walking Group Tours.
Updates are provided to all individuals and families who have declared their interest in joining ths tour at least 7 days in advance of the tour. Updates are provided, and the notes below are for illustrative purposes only. All tours will have similar updates posted to a WhatsApp group or the provide e-mail address of the attendees.

•      Walking tours commence from outside an advertised Underground station at a given time promptly. Attendees are advised not to come to London by car, as Walking Tours are not conducive to travel by car!
•      London Underground routes can be checked and journeys planned using: https://tfl.gov.uk/status-updates/planned-works-calendar
•      The Tour Guides names are provides and some tours include knowledgeable colleagues in terms of Sikh History across some specialist areas, who are introduced on the day.
•      Attendees are advised to wear comfortable shoes, with the dress code being smart-casual/comfortable (based on a provided weather forecast. Most tours cover between 5-8km at a steady pace. It is best to wear comfortable footwear.

•      Please place your tour payment in an envelope with your name and email address on the front (before the tour)
•      Paypal and BACS transfer details can be provided, and international currencies are welcome for visitors to London.
•      If attendees are happy to pay, they can just give their envelope to a member of the team on the walk, in-between locations at any point during the tour.
•      The team are happy not to receive, or to return envelopes to any person who feels the tour was not value for money.
•      A breakdown of where tour fees are used is provided via email in due course (to adopt a fully transparent approach). Donations on behalf of the tour groups are made at locations and contributions are made to a range of Sikh Education charities.

•      All venues have toilets, and offer step free access in the main
•      At most locations, you are welcome to take photos and share them on social media and personally. The team have an official photographer on the tour – who is introduced to the group. Most ‘official’ photos only feature the back of heads etc, but some group shots have full facial images. We ask that for those who prefer not to be in photos, just let us know, and we will accommodate requests accordingly.
•      At one or two of sites we may ask for a group photo for our social media sites – attendees are requested to ‘step out’ of the photo if you do not wish for your image or those of your children to be on the internet.

•      Oyster / Contactless Card
•      Phone / Camera
•      Water, Snack Bag
•      Any medication if required e.g. ventolin Inhaler
•      Your envelope with name and email address
•      Umbrella (Hey this is London) / Sunglasses

Please try to be on time for the meeting point. 

Tour operate on GMT Greenwich Mean Time – not Punjabi Mean Time. 

All attendees are requested to tag A little History of the Sikhs on the tour, if your tweet, post facebook or instagram pictures.  We do the work we do to inspire our community to preserve our history and draw strength from it.  As educators, the likes, shares and feedback help lift our spirits when other responsibilities in life bring pressures!

•     Drinks: Tea (various varieties), Coffees, Hot Chocolate & Lemonades – please try a different tea to English Teas, Assam etc, they have various flavours like pomegranate fruit teas etc. but not to everyone’s taste, so a ‘safe’ tea and an exotic tea would be my suggestion for the afternoon.

•     For teenagers, kids – hot chocolates, juices (which I think are just Rubicon!) or lemonades

•     For mini-teas I have held meetings with the Restaurant staff and the chefs, and this is what I teach them about the Sikhs:


CategoryCake TypeQty to cater for
1 – Egg Free CakesThese will not contain egg or any other animal products – the option to cater for the large majority of our amritdhari attendees. This will be the default option for the day.Please direct message me with this option if this is your choice (default option)
2 – Vegan CakesThese cakes will not contain egg, milk, butter or any animal products. For all those who are trying ‘Veganuary’ or are VeganPlease direct message me with this option. Please note these cakes look the prettiest so are taken first by category 1 or 3, leaving the vegans without cake!!!
(Please leave Vegan cakes for Vegans!)
3 – English Vegetarian CakesThese do contain egg, but not any other animal products.Plenty of options here, but please be careful – the cakes will have egg.
4 – Gluten Free, Egg Free Cakes Please direct message me with this option if you have allergies to wheat or egg (or any other food product), and we will ensure these cakes are prepared and brought to you separately by the chef.