An objective of ‘A little History of the Sikhs’ is to record our research so that others have access to, and can build upon, the work we have undertaken. Publications therefore play a key role in helping us to achieve this objective. As such, we are grateful to Jay Singh Sohal for his support to include us in his projects and to Dr. Kamalroop Singh, Gurinder Singh Mann and Harjinder Singh Lallie for the opportunity to submit research papers and present at the Sikh Studies Conference in London and at the annual Sikh Studies Conference at the University of Warwick.  In 2020, we were supported by Dr Nirvikar Singh and Dr Elizabeth Weigler (from the University of California, Santa Cruz) to critically review our research and present findings in a format acceptable for inclusion in the Sikh Research Journal. This area will be of greater priority over the coming years, as we translate our fieldwork within each of 32 London boroughs into papers for review by the academic community.  


Sikh History on the Streets of Kensington & Chelsea
Sikh Research Journal, 2020, Vol 5, Number 1

May 2020
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Sikh History on the Streets of London

Article preparation by: Sarbjeet Kaur Sidhu
Research & Photos by: Rav Singh
A little History of the Sikhs – Walking Tours, Day Trips, Study Visits

St Luke’s Church Parish Newsletter

November 2019
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Sikh History on the Streets of London
The Sikh Chronicles: The Official Journal of the WW1 Sikh Memorial Fund
By Jay Singh-Sohal, Dot Hyphen Publishers

January 2015

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