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Following our recent series with Sikh Foundation International, we have uploaded our videos, and all 3 episodes are available through this YouTube playlist. 

Episode 1: Sikh Art
Victoria and Albert Museum; Tower of London; Natural History Museum and Museum of London

Episode 2: Sikh History in London’s famous Churches
– Westminster Abbey; St Paul’s Cathedral; Pembroke College Mission, Walworth; St. Peter’s Church; Eaton Square & St Luke’s Church, Chelsea 

Episode 3: Sikh Treasures
– Wallace Collection; National Liberal Club, Whitehall;  Trafalgar Square; Guru Nanak Gurdwara Southall; Khalsa Jatha British Isles; Caxton Hall; Suffragette Memorial, Westminster & the British Museum

Thank you to the Urban Akali Team for all the support to set up the YouTube channel and all their work to create, edit and render the videos!  YouTube analytics can be addictive, but I do hope that some people find these of interest!