A Little History of the Sikhs

Londonlondon-underground-mapThe Streets of London reveal a wealth of Anglo-Sikh history - presented here is a fascinating account of Sikh and Anglo-Sikh History through locations of the famous London Monopoly board. UKuk-map-union-jack2The UK has a long and shared history with the Sikhs, resulting from the British Empire in India. Sikhs are part of the community is most UK cities and many rural areas. EuropeEurope-Political-MapSikhs have spread far and wide in Europe after the 2 world wars. Sikh fought for the British in most European countries and made significant contribution in overthrowing the Nazi regime.
IndiaIndiaThe birth place of Guru Nanak Dev ji and Sikhs. Steeped in history and culture of the Sikhs. Worldworld-political-map-large-sizeSikhs were sent to all parts of the British Empire, and have made their homes in all corners of the globe. ResourcesresourcesShop and other interesting historical resources.